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October 14th, 2023 Annular Eclipse
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The SolisES Box projection system is an optical instrument used to display a real-time image of the Sun which will be useful to observe any type of active Solar Eclipse plus you can see Sunspots as well.

The SolisES projector optical unit can be mounted onto any type of enclosure which allows the user to customize how the displayed image can be viewed plus how large the projection size will be; the farther away from the reflection display surface the larger the displayed image will be.

The SolisES Box projection system is typically sold with a cardboard box display enclosure or you can purchase the Solises projector by itself allowing the user to create their own custom projection viewing enclosure.

The SolisES projector itself provides four mounting holes which allow the user to fasten the projector to the enclosure using some type of pin or screw; the provided box enclosure utilizes plastic push pins which secure the SolisES to the cardboard material.  The plastic pins can be pulled-out and reused with a different display box if desired.

History:  Back in 2017, I first developed the SolisES Optical projection assembly for the North America Solar Eclipse.  I have been perfecting the design since that time and am ready to sell the latest version for both the October 14, 2023 annular solar eclipse plus the April 8 total solar eclipse which will be visible in North America.  Although a solar eclipse is a grandiose event to view using this device, it can be used daily to observe the ever changing sunspot activity on the Sun.

SolisES - Solar Eclipse and Sunspot Viewer

Selling now on Amazon, eBay and Etsy

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